Brand New - Sealed

What’s included: Any accessories typical provided by manufacturer, including headphones, user manual, and/or Sim card. Packaging: Manufacturer packaging (SEALED). Warranty: Full manufacturer’s one-year warranty (if applicable)


A used phone you wouldn’t believe is used. Our like new devices are 14 day return phones. Fourteen day returns were devices returned by their original owner and are given back in perfect condition. These phones are tested end to end and look completely like-new.


We don’t call it excellent for nothing. The body may have some micro-scratches that you would only be able to see if you put the phone right up against your nose. We’re guessing no one looks at their phone that way, so this is a beautiful phone for most people. 


These phones have some wear and tear that would be noticeable at a distance that do not affect the functionality of the phone at all. Any scratch on the screen is not noticeable when the screen is powered on. This is a great option for someone wanting to strike a balance between condition and value.


This phone is truly for someone that is interested in form over function and interested in the best value. These devices have more distinct wear and tear than our devices in Good condition but function the same as our Like-New phones. 

Slightly Imperfect

Phone condition: Unique

What’s included: – Generic cable and/or charger (iPhone 12 and up only come with type C Cable) . Packaging: Generic brown box. Warranty: Phone Daddy’s guaranteed 90 Day warranty! Warranty covers functionality only.