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samsung note 20 unlocked
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $349.00
note 20 ultra unlocked
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $589.00
Save $160.00
moto edge unlocked
Motorola Edge 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $189.00 Regular price$349.00
Save $40.00
sprint galaxy s9 price
Samsung Galaxy S9 (Sprint Carrier Only)
Sale priceFrom $115.00 Regular price$155.00
Samsung Galaxy A32 (Spectrum Carrier Only)
Samsung Galaxy A32 (Spectrum Carrier Only)
Sale price$99.00
Save $115.00
samsung a32 sprint
Samsung Galaxy S20+ Plus 5G (Sprint Carrier Only)
Sale priceFrom $345.00 Regular price$460.00
samsung galaxy a51
Samsung Galaxy A51 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $149.00
unlocked samsung a52 5g
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $215.00
Save $294.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Unlocked)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $155.00 Regular price$449.00
galaxy s21+ unlocked
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $399.00
Save $1,050.00
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Unlocked)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $749.00 Regular price$1,799.00
Save $240.00
galaxy a42 5g unlocked
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $159.00 Regular price$399.00
samsung s21 used
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $339.00
Save $160.00
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $339.00 Regular price$499.00
Save $330.00
Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $469.00 Regular price$799.00
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $779.00
Save $370.00
Google Pixel 6 Pro Unlocked
Google Pixel 6 Pro (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $529.00 Regular price$899.00
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G (Spectrum Carrier Only)
Sale price$129.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Sprint Carrier Only)
Sale price$79.00
galaxy note 10 plus unlocked deals
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $385.00
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G (Spectrum Carrier Only)
Sale price$145.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Unlocked)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $659.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Unlocked All Carriers)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $385.00
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Unlocked)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $645.00

The Most Reliable Refurbished and Used Android Phone Deals

If you want to replace or upgrade your smartphone with the best used android cell phones, you have come to the right place. You can get your hands on some of the latest and greatest Android phones at Phone Daddy. Our market-competitive prices, smooth delivery process, and solid warranty make us one of the most reliable platforms for purchasing used cell phones. You can go through our grading criteria to understand how we categorize used phones according to their condition. It will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Is it safe to buy used Android phones? There is a difference between used and refurbished phones, and both come with their pros and cons. Whether it is safe to buy used Android phones depends on where you purchase them. For instance, if you buy a used Android smartphone from an unknown seller on the internet, your chances of getting scammed are relatively higher. However, if you buy a used Android phone from an authentic company, like Phone Daddy, you will get a genuine phone. We perform a thorough examination of used phones and make sure our customers get the best pieces. Moreover, our used phone prices are relatively lower than other online sellers.

Is a refurbished Android phone good? Whether a refurbished Android smartphone is good largely depends on where you buy it. It means if you get a refurbished phone from an unknown seller, you may end up with a fake one or a copy of the original model with no genuine parts. Therefore, make sure you purchase a refurbished Android phone from an authentic seller, like Phone Daddy. If you are buying refurbished Android smartphones from us, you will get a solid warranty with each device. It means if your device runs into any technical fault, you can return it for a replacement or refund.

Are refurbished Android smartphones better than used? The debate of used smart phones vs. refurbished ones has long been going on. People’s opinion is divided over the two types of pre-owned cell phones. Some think it is better to purchase a used phone instead of a refurbished one because there is no guarantee of the authenticity of its parts. However, this is not the case if you purchase from Phone Daddy. With our products, you get a solid warranty whether you are buying a used smartphone or a refurbished one. Moreover, we run each phone through rigorous tests to make sure all parts are functioning well before making them available for sale on our website.

Why buy used Samsung products? When looking for Android cell phones for sale, it is better to consider used Samsung phones. The primary reason is that Samsung products are usually high-end and in-demand. When you purchase a used Samsung device, you save a lot of money and get almost the same quality you get with a new phone. Moreover, when you invest in a used product, you make a responsible decision for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing IT waste.

Looking for the best used Android cell phones? If you are looking for a cheap Android smartphone, buying a used one may be the right choice. Phone Daddy has a variety of used and refurbished Android phones for sale at reasonable prices. We consider it our duty to offer customers the best deals for used phones. Moreover, our smooth shipping and delivery process ensures that customers get their product in time and without hassle. With our warranty, they can easily file for a refund or replacement for a faulty phone.

Want to find the best Android phones unlocked from carriers? At Phone Daddy, we have locked Android phones as well as the ones unlocked from carriers. It depends on user preference whether they purchase a carrier-locked phone or an unlocked one. However, our experts suggest investing in an unlocked Android phone to avoid the restrictions of switching your carrier. If you are using one carrier and have no intentions of switching your carriers, you can invest in a locked Android phone and save some money.

Want to know more about used & refurbished Android smartphones? If you want to know more about used or refurbished Android phones and where to buy them, read our super-helpful articles to find the right smartphone for your needs. Happy reading!

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