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used iphone 7 unlocked
Apple iPhone 7 (Unlocked)
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Upgrading your phone is fun, but the latest iPhone models don’t come with an affordable price tag. But that doesn’t mean you can’t replace your old device. You can buy an older, pre-owned iPhone, like a used iPhone 7, and enjoy all things Apple. Phone Daddy is here to help you find the right iPhone. You can buy a used iPhone 7 from our site at a price you can afford.

Why Buy a Used iPhone?

Getting tempted by Apple’s latest releases is natural, but newer isn’t always better. By investing in a used iPhone, you get a lot of benefits. A used iPhone 7 or 8 can be excellent for someone who wants to use an Apple device without breaking the bank. These old iPhones also make amazing first phones for kids. You get a number of benefits from buying a used iPhone, such as:


When buying a used or refurbished iPhone 7, it is a responsible step for the environment. You reduce your carbon footprint and minimize e-waste production by choosing a pre-owned device.

Freedom to Switch

Most used and refurbished phones are also unlocked. It means you don’t have to be bound to a particular carrier, and you can switch anytime you want.

Great Resale Value

Unlike brand-new iPhones, used and refurbished iPhones retain their market value for a long time. It means by reselling a pre-owned iPhone 7, you won’t be taking a massive hit like you would in the case of a brand-new smartphone. With Phone Daddy’s extensive iPhone 7 inventory, you are sure to find a device that fulfills your requirements.

Why Buy a Used iPhone 7?

Although an older model, a used iPhone 7 is still a popular model. Since Apple discontinued it long ago, you cannot buy a new iPhone 7 online or in-store. However, if you have a knack for older Apple gadgets, you can consider buying a used iPhone 7. Continuing the classic sleek Apple design tradition, an iPhone 7 provides improved usability. It originally featured the iOS 10.0.1, but you can upgrade it to the iOS 15.4.1 (the latest one). Featuring a 12 MP camera, 32 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB storage capacities, and Apple A10 Fusion, this device delivers powerful performance. Although the iPhone 7 screen is 4.7-inches, it is sufficient for most operations. Available in the classic iPhone 7 colors, including Jet Black, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Red, this device offers plenty of options to choose from. If you’re wondering about the iPhone 7 price, rest assured that Phone Daddy will offer you an unbeatable price. You will get the iPhone at the price you can afford.

Find a Used iPhone 7 With Phone Daddy

If you are looking for a used iPhone 7 for sale, you have come to the right place. Phone Daddy has an extensive iPhone 7 collection in a variety of colors, conditions, carriers, and storage options. Each device goes through extensive testing, and our grading criteria allow you to see how we categorize every item according to its condition. With us, you literally get what you pay for. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our iPhone 7 collection and order yours today!


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