The Best Green Smartphones: A Step Towards Sustainable Tech

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The world is moving at a fast pace. While this fast-moving world brings a lot of opportunities, it also poses various threats. One of the biggest challenges we face today is the depletion of natural resources due to eco-unfriendly practices. The smartphone industry is one of the leading culprits of these practices, but recently manufacturers have started introducing green initiatives. As a result, we can now find more eco-friendly tech.

This article discusses some of the best eco-friendly smartphones available in the market currently:

1. iPhone 13 Pro Max

At the top of our list is the iPhone 13 Pro Max due to its effective measures against pollution and contribution to the environment. You get the highest-end features with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and with such great features, it emphasizes sustainability.

According to Apple’s Product Environmental Report, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is made with 99% recycled tungsten, and 98% recycled rare earth elements. It promotes responsible packaging that is 95% fiber-based due to the usage of less plastic in the packaging.

Besides, Apple has committed to tackling 100% climate change by transitioning its entire manufacturing supply chain to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030. The iPhone 13 Pro Max uses 48% less energy than the U.S. Department of Energy requirements for battery charger systems.

Although a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro Max is expensive, you can save some bucks by choosing a used iPhone 13 Pro Max.


  • First Apple product that uses 100% certified recycled gold
  • Comes in a reasonable packaging made with fiber material
  • Apple Trade-In can give your old iPhone a new life when you upgrade to a new phone


  • It has an expensive price point of $999.99 - $1299.99
  • A 7.19oz(204g) weight makes it a fairly heavy device

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung delivers on sustainability goals with its new Galaxy S22 family. The family consists of three beast smartphones named S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra. Samsung has a specific plan to reduce its carbon footprint and decrease resource depletion from production to disposal of its Galaxy products by 2025. These Android phones pair top-notch features with the best-in-class camera.

The entire S22 series features the Exynos 2200 (4 nm) chipset in Europe and the Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4 nm) chipset in the rest of the world. With the S22 series, you get 12 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage in all the base variants of smartphones. You also get multiple cameras with powerful image processing and fast processors.


  • Its box is made with 100% recycled paper and minimal use of plastic throughout the packaging
  • The UFS 3.1 makes all the series superfast in every department
  • The S22 Ultra has 1750 nits of peak brightness for outside environment use


  • The Ultra is expensive, starting at $1199 (but you can save up by getting a used Samsung smartphone)
  • 228g(8.04 oz.) makes the S22 Ultra a big and heavy device

3. Motorola Edge

The Lenovo Company, which owns Motorola, set down a pioneering 10-year climate pledge in 2020 for sustainability plans for its products. Furthermore, the company said that its entire smartphone range is free from BFR (mixtures of man-made chemicals) and PVC (a synthetic polymer of plastic) materials. The phone batteries of Motorola devices do not have cadmium or mercury in them, making its devices eco-friendly.

The most impressive smartphone in Motorola’s lineup is the Motorola Edge. It is a solid smartphone option with specs like three cameras, including one with a 108MP high-resolution sensor, a 144Hz display, and built-in storage of up to 256GB. In addition, the Motorola Edge saves your time by promising two days of power on a single charge that limits the need to charge your phone every morning. Although it is not expensive even when brand-new, you can save up more by buying a used Motorola Edge.


  • The packaging is made with 100% recycled pulp content to replace plastic parts
  • The Motorola Edge is featured with a water repellent technology
  • It has an efficient battery charging system


  • It does not have a robust camera system compared to its competitors
  • The phone does not support wireless charging

4. Fairphone 4

Fairphone is not a well-known brand, and you may not be familiar with its name. Fairphone was made to be a more sustainable option. That’s why the company has given it a warranty of 5 years as compared to 2, 3 years of its competitors. The company was founded in 2013, Blue Angel certified for sustainability, and is B Corp licensed for using business to talk about environmental and social topics.

The Fairphone 4 has all the features that you love and is still able to become an electronic waste neutral device with its eco-friendly materials. It features dual cameras with an ultra-wide lens, a full GD+ display, and 5G speeds while maintaining sustainability on the back end.


  • For every Fairphone the company sells, it also recycles an equal amount of electronic waste
  • A 100% recycled plastic back cover is used in this device
  • It is made from aluminum from Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified vendors


  • The Fairphone is only available in Europe
  • It features an old version of android 9.0

5. Teracube 2E

The Teracube 2E is another not-so-well-known brand in the smartphone market. Regarding sustainability, the company is doing wonders with its partner, the One Tree Planted organization. For every device sold, the Teracube Company claims to plant a tree along with its partnership program.

Teracube’s latest model, the Teracube 2E, has 50% less packaging than other models and is made with 25% recycled polycarbonate. The company also provides a biodegradable phone case, so you do not have to buy it separately, which causes more packaging waste. The Teracube 2E features a 6.1-inch HD+ display, dual rear cameras, and the ability to repair the phone yourself, which prolongs its lifecycle from the average 2 to 3-year lifespan of a smartphone device.


  • The phone features a replaceable battery
  • It offers a four years warranty


  • Does not come with a 5G coverage
  • Cannot be upgraded to the latest Android 12

The Bottom Line

Phone Daddy offers a wide variety of eco-friendly phones at a reasonable price. If you are not interested in buying a new smartphone for eco-conscious reasons, you can also explore our wide collection of used and refurbished smartphones for environmental betterment.

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