iOS 16.1: 5 Surprising Features in the Big Update

  • Apple unveiled the iOS 16 publicly in June, and users have been discovering new features in this all-new software update since then
  • Although the iOS 16 brought several unique features to the iPhones, it didn’t come without its challenges
  • To resolve the issues users faced after the iOS 16 update, Apple recently released the iOS 16.1 update

Developers are always keen to jump on any new beta update from Apple. It was the case with the iOS 16 beta update, and the same thing happened when Apple announced the iOS 16.1 beta update. The iOS 16.1 is a large update of more than 4 GBs.

Many Apple users have already complained that the iOS 16 battery life drains faster. With the iOS 16.1 update, Apple has tried to fill the void of iOS 16 disappointments. The iOS 16 update was full of incredible features to amp up your iPhone experience and anyone having new, used, or refurbished iPhones could benefit from these features. So, whether you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked or an iPhone SE unlocked, you can use iOS 16 features.

Despite introducing impressive features on this update, Apple lagged in a few places, and the iOS 16.1 update aims to rectify that. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

5 iOS 16.1 Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Below is a list of some of the latest iOS 16 updates that weren’t revealed in WWDC 2022.

1. Battery Percentage Is Back 🔋

One of the biggest disappointments for older iPhone users was the lack of battery percentage. Apple decided to deprive the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or mini users of the battery percentage feature for no apparent reason.

There was never any valid reason for Apple to remove this feature from older iPhones. But thankfully, Apple has realized this injustice and decided to bestow old iPhone users with the battery percentage feature with iOS 16.1.

So, if you love the older iPhone models, you can buy used iPhone XR or refurbished iPhone 11 and enjoy all the amazing iOS 16 features, including battery percentage.

To enable this feature, open your Settings app and tap Battery. Within the battery section, toggle on the Battery Percentage.

2. Clean Energy Charging ♻️

Proving Apple doesn’t take sustainability casually, the iOS 16.1 update brings the Clean Energy Charging feature to iPhones. For now, this feature is only available in the United States.

The Clean Energy Charging feature allows users to selectively charge their iPhones at times when lower carbon emission electricity is available. When you update to iOS 16.1, you’ll find the ‘Clean Energy Charging’ feature toggled on by default. Below this option, you’ll see the following description:

“In your region, iPhone will try to reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when lower carbon emission electricity is available. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can reach full charge before you need to use it.”

This feature allows your iPhone to optimize charging times and match the time when your local power station uses more sustainable energy sources. But if it cannot find clean electricity, it doesn’t waste time by not charging. So, depending on your charging routine, you’ll find it fully charged before you need to use it.

Although it comes turned on by default, you can find this feature in Settings. In this app, you can tap on Battery and go to Battery Health & Charging option. Here, you can toggle the Clean Energy Charging option if available in your region.

3. Goodbye Wallet App

Over the years, many Apple users have shared concerns over the Wallet app that you can find downloaded by default on new and used iPhones for sale. Due to the rising concerns for this particular app, Apple has finally made the Wallet app deletable.

Previously, it wasn’t possible to uninstall default iPhone apps. However, with the iOS 16.1 update, iPhone users can uninstall the Wallet app if they want to.

If you try to use Apple Pay without the Wallet app, you’ll be prompted with an alert to Download the Wallet app from the App Store.

4. Live Activities, Welcome Back!

Live Activities was introduced in iOS 16 Beta 4. Since it didn’t have the support for Dynamic Island (which was unrevealed then), Apple didn’t seed this feature in the public version of iOS 16.

After the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro models that Apple announced at its ‘Far Out’ event, the ActivityKit framework for the Dynamic Island and Lock Screen was updated. When this iOS version releases publicly, you’ll be able to use Live Activity widgets with some popular apps, like tracking:

  • An Uber
  • Starbucks coffee preparation
  • Workouts
  • Live baseball score

Live Activities come enabled by default on the Lock Screen. However, if you don’t want to have this feature when your device is locked, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Click on Face ID & Passcode
  • Scroll down to Allow Access when Locked
  • Toggle off Live Activities

5. Improved UX for Wallpaper

In iOS 16, users can only customize their Home Screen after passing through Lock Screen customization. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it is a tedious process.

Thanks to the iOS 16.1 update, users don’t have to pass through Lock Screen customization to customize their Home Screens. They can click on Customize on the Lock Screen, and it will split into Lock Screen and Home Screen, so they can customize the one they want.

Final Thoughts

Apple recently announced the iOS 16, but due to a few bugs in this software update, we immediately got an additional update: iOS 16.1. If you know how to update your iPhone, you can install the latest iOS version on your device as soon as it becomes publicly available. Since this iOS version is compatible with multiple older iPhone models, you can enjoy it on models as old as the iPhone SE 2nd Generation.

If you don’t have an iOS 16.1 compatible device, you can easily find used iPhones for sale at Phone Daddy for a fraction of their original price. So, stop waiting and get your hands on the right device to enjoy the perks of iOS 16.

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Sean Foreman

Sean Foreman


I’d seen a Lock Screen on iOS16.1 that had the three widgets below the time a different color. The widgets were blue and the time and two widgets above were white. How is this possible?

Thank you


I’d seen a Lock Screen on iOS16.1 that had the three widgets below the time a different color. The widgets were blue and the time and two widgets above were white. How is this possible?

Thank you

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