AirPods Pro 2 vs. Motorola Moto Buds 600: Which Earbuds Are Better

AirPods Pro 2 vs. Motorola Moto Buds 600: Which Earbuds Are Better?

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Looking for new noise-cancelling earbuds but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options? Two popular choices are the Apple AirPods Pro 2 and the Motorola Moto Buds 600. But which one is better? This guide will break down the features, performance, and prices of both earbuds, helping you decide the best fit for you.

AirPods Pro 2 vs. Motorola Moto Buds 600

Below, we’ve broken down the features, performance, and prices of AirPods Pro 2 and Motorola Moto Buds 600.

Noise Cancellation

  • AirPods Pro 2: Uses Apple's custom H2 chip specifically designed for efficient noise cancellation. It employs a combination of feedforward and feedback microphones to capture and neutralize external noise.
  • Moto Buds 600: Utilizes a hybrid ANC system, combining feedforward, feedback, and analog passive noise cancellation. With 6 microphones in total, it aims to capture a wider range of noise frequencies.

Cancellation Strength

  • AirPods Pro 2: Claims to block up to 30dB of noise, which is considered good performance but might not completely eliminate low-frequency sounds like airplane rumble.
  • Moto Buds 600: Boasts up to 35dB cancellation, potentially offering slightly better noise reduction, especially for low frequencies. However, real-world performance may vary depending on the specific sound environment.

Transparency Mode

  • Both earbuds: Offer adjustable Transparency mode to let in ambient sounds while wearing them. This is useful for staying aware of your surroundings or having conversations without removing the earbuds.
  • AirPods Pro 2: Transparency mode allows for more precise control with adjustable levels, letting you fine-tune how much ambient sound you hear.
  • Moto Buds 600: Transparency mode might be less customizable, offering a more basic "hear-through" experience.

Real-World Performance

  • AirPods Pro 2: Generally receive positive reviews for their effective noise cancellation, especially for higher frequencies like chatter and traffic noise. However, some users report less effectiveness in low-frequency environments.
  • Moto Buds 600: Reviews suggest decent noise cancellation for the price, but might not be as effective as AirPods Pro 2, particularly for louder environments.

Choosing the better noise cancellation comes down to individual needs and budget. AirPods Pro 2 offer potentially better performance and more refined features, but at a higher price. Moto Buds 600 provide decent value for budget-conscious users who prioritize strong cancellation for low-frequency noises.

Sound Quality

  • AirPods Pro 2: Known for a rich, balanced sound with clear highs, present mids, and impactful bass. Apple's custom audio tuning aims for a pleasing and versatile listening experience across genres.
  • Moto Buds 600: Emphasize clear, dynamic sound with a focus on detail and punchy bass. Qualcomm aptX supports high-fidelity audio transmission, potentially offering crispness and accuracy.


  • AirPods Pro 2: Stand out with personalized EQ. Users can adjust the sound profile to their preference using the iOS audio settings. This caters to individual listening tastes and potential hearing variations.
  • Moto Buds 600: Lack dedicated EQ adjustments. Users rely on pre-set sound profiles within the Motorola app, offering limited personalization compared to AirPods Pro 2.

Immersive Features

  • AirPods Pro 2: Feature Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking for a 3D listening experience, placing sounds all around you in compatible content. This adds to the immersion, especially for movies and music.
  • Moto Buds 600: Do not include Spatial Audio technology. While they may offer good stereo separation, they can't replicate the surround-sound effect of Spatial Audio.

Technical Specs

  • AirPods Pro 2: Utilize a custom driver and high-dynamic range amplifier for powerful sound. Support AAC and SBC audio codecs, with the potential for better detail compared to aptX in some situations.
  • Moto Buds 600: Employ 10mm dynamic drivers and aptX audio for high-quality transmission. However, driver size and codec alone don't guarantee better sound quality, as tuning plays a crucial role.

Real-World Listening

  • AirPods Pro 2: Generally receive positive reviews for their well-balanced and detailed sound, although some may find them lacking in bass presence compared to other options. Personalized EQ and Spatial Audio are praised for enhancing the listening experience.
  • Moto Buds 600: User opinions vary, with some appreciating the clear and punchy sound, while others find them lacking in detail and depth compared to higher-end earbuds. The lack of EQ customization might limit sound profile preferences.

Sound quality preference is subjective. AirPods Pro 2 offer a more versatile and potentially detailed listening experience with personalization and Spatial Audio, but at a higher cost. Moto Buds 600 focus on clear and dynamic sound with aptX support, but might not cater to all sonic preferences and lack customization options.

Features and Functionality

Feature importance varies depending on individual needs and preferences. Consider which features would enhance your everyday use and weigh them against the price point before making your choice.

Platform Integration

  • AirPods Pro 2: Shine with seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem. Automatic switching between Apple devices, instant pairing, and Live Listen features create a smooth user experience.
  • Moto Buds 600: Cater more towards Android users with Google Fast Pair for swift connection and basic controls through the Motorola app. Integration with other platforms might be less intuitive.

Smart Controls

  • AirPods Pro 2: Offer automatic pause/play with the skin-detect sensor, convenient for quick removal and putting back on. Additional controls like volume adjustment and track skipping require using the touch stem.
  • Moto Buds 600: Provide fully customizable touch controls for playback, volume, calls, and even activating your voice assistant. This level of customization might be preferable for some users.

Call Quality

  • AirPods Pro 2: Boast improved call quality with clear microphone audio and effective noise cancellation for clearer conversations in noisy environments.
  • Moto Buds 600: Offer decent call quality, but might not be as effective as AirPods Pro 2 in handling background noise during calls.

Charging and Convenience

  • AirPods Pro 2: Support MagSafe charging for easy placement and wireless charging on the go. The case also offers wireless charging compatibility.
  • Moto Buds 600: Utilize standard USB-C charging, which is widely available but lacks the convenience of MagSafe. The case charges via USB-C as well.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, both earbuds offer decent performance, but cater to different usage patterns:

AirPods Pro 2

  • Up to 5 hours with ANC on: This might be enough for short commutes or workouts, but heavy listeners might need charging breaks.
  • Charging case provides 4.5 additional charges: This translates to a total of 27.5 hours of listening time with ANC enabled.
  • Faster charging: Supports fast charging, delivering 1 hour of listening time with a 5-minute charge.

Moto Buds 600

  • Up to 6 hours with ANC on: Offers an extra hour of listening time compared to AirPods Pro 2 with ANC active.
  • Charging case provides 20 additional charges: This translates to a whopping 126 hours of total listening time with ANC enabled.
  • Standard charging: Relies on USB-C charging, which might be slower than AirPods Pro 2's fast charging.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and priorities. Weigh the battery life differences, ANC usage patterns, and charging speed against other factors like features and price to make an informed decision.


Price is often a dealbreaker, and in this case, the difference between AirPods Pro 2 and Moto Buds 600 is significant:

  • AirPods Pro 2: Starting at $249, they fall within the premium earbud category.
  • Moto Buds 600: Clocking in at $149, they offer a much more budget-friendly option.

However, you can buy used AirPods Pro 2 and used Moto Buds 600 for a much lower price at Phone Daddy.


Choose AirPods Pro 2 if you prioritize seamless Apple integration, the best possible noise cancellation and sound quality, and advanced features like personalized EQ and Spatial Audio. Plus, price is not a major concern.

Choose Moto Buds 600 if you value affordability, long battery life, multipoint connectivity, and water resistance. You're willing to compromise on some sound quality and advanced features.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and budget. Consider what features are most important to you and how much you're willing to spend before making your decision.

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