6 Best Budget Smartphones Under $300 (March 2024 Edition)

6 Best Budget Smartphones Under $300 (March 2024 Edition)

  • There are many budget smartphones under $300, each catering to different user preferences and needs.
  • OnePlus 8T Plus 5G offers solid performance and fast charging, the Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) comes with a built-in stylus for note-taking and creativity, and the Google Pixel 6 Pro is known for its exceptional camera quality.
  • The Apple iPhone SE (2022) (3rd Gen.) offers solid iPhone performance at a lower price, the Motorola Moto G 5G (2022) brings reliable 5G connectivity, and the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has well-rounded features including a capable processor and good battery life.

Whether you want the newest features, a phone with cool extras, an amazing camera, something that fits easily in your pocket, or just a phone that works well without breaking the bank, there's one perfect for you. This article will explore some different smartphones – some brand new, some with fun features, and a few that might surprise you – to help you find the best phone for your needs, all under $300.

6 Best Budget Smartphones Under $300

In the fiercely competitive budget smartphone market, finding the right balance between features and affordability can be tricky. But there are some excellent options available under $300. Here are some of the top contenders to consider:

1. OnePlus 8T Plus 5G

The OnePlus 8T Plus 5G might not be the latest and greatest on the market anymore, but it can still be a good option for those looking for a solid phone at a potentially discounted price. Released in 2020, the used OnePlus 8T Plus 5G packs a punch with a powerful Snapdragon 865 processor and boasts a smooth 120Hz display for a lag-free experience.

Plus, it won't disappoint with its fast charging capabilities and long-lasting battery. However, since it's a couple of years old, you might miss out on the newest software updates and compatibility with the latest 5G networks.

2. Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)

Calling all artists and note-takers! The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) is about adding an extra dimension to your phone use. The used Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022) phone comes with a built-in stylus, like a pen for your phone screen. It's perfect for sketching, writing on the go, precise on-screen interaction, or even just jotting down quick ideas.

On top of that, the Stylus boasts a big battery and extra storage space, so you can keep creating and saving without worry. The one thing to keep in mind is that the processor might not be the strongest for super demanding games.

3. Motorola Moto G 5G (2022)

The Motorola Moto G 5G (2022) is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable 5G device. It won't break the bank, but it still delivers the essentials. The used Motorola Moto G 5G (2022) strikes a good balance between features and price. You'll get a decent camera that can capture everyday moments, along with smooth performance for everyday tasks like browsing the web, checking social media, and using your favorite apps.

However, the Moto G 5G (2022) might not have the most advanced display or the most powerful processor. If you're a casual user who prioritizes affordability, this phone is a solid option.

4. Google Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel phones are renowned for their exceptional cameras, and the Pixel 6 Pro is no exception. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a superstar in the world of smartphone cameras. It's known for taking incredible photos and videos, even in low-light conditions. Thanks to Google's clever software and powerful Tensor chip, the Pixel 6 Pro can capture sharp details and vibrant colors that make your pictures pop.

On top of the camera magic, you'll also get a beautiful, smooth display and a clean software experience from Google, free from any annoying extras you might not want. The downside? The used Google Pixel 6 Pro might cost a bit more than other options on this list. But if you prioritize taking stunning photos and having a phone that feels fast and clutter-free, the Pixel 6 Pro is a great choice.

5. Apple iPhone SE (2022) (3rd Gen.)

Craving the power of an iPhone without the hefty price tag? The used Apple iPhone SE (2022) (3rd Gen.) might be your perfect match. This phone packs Apple's latest A15 Bionic chip, the same one found in the iPhone 13, into a smaller and more affordable design. Imagine having super-fast performance for games, apps, and anything you throw at it, all in a phone that's easy to hold and carry around.

Plus, the iPhone SE (2022) doesn't skimp on the camera. You'll get a great single-lens system that takes sharp photos and lets you capture stunning cinematic effects. The trade-off? The battery life might not be the longest compared to larger phones, and the design has a familiar look that some might find dated. But, if a powerful and compact iPhone experience is what you crave, the iPhone SE (2022) is a great value.

6. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The used Samsung Galaxy A54 5G offers a well-rounded package for the mid-range market. The A54 5G delivers a capable processor that tackles everyday tasks and even some games smoothly. The display is expected to be refreshingly smooth for a lag-free experience. Samsung keeps its reputation up with a camera system that captures clear photos and videos. Night mode should help you capture decent shots even in low-light situations.

The A54 5G follows Samsung's tradition of generous batteries, keeping you powered throughout the day. This phone boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic, in line with Samsung's design language. While it might not be the absolute latest release, the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G remains a strong contender in the affordable 5G smartphone market, offering a good balance of features and value for everyday users.

Get the Best Budget Smartphones Under $300

Ultimately, the best budget smartphone for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider what features are most important to you, be it battery life, camera quality, display quality, or a clean software experience, and choose the phone that best fits the bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best phone for $300 in 2024?

Choosing the best budget phone depends on your needs! The OnePlus Nord N30 5G offers a great balance of features at $249. It has 5G, a smooth display, and a long battery life. The Moto G Power (2022) prioritizes battery life for $199 but has a weaker camera.

2. What is the best phone to have in 2024?

The best phone to have in 2024 depends on your needs! For powerful cameras, check out the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers a big screen, long battery life, and special AI features. If you prioritize affordability, the OnePlus Nord N30 5G is a great 5G option under $300.

3. What's the best phone to buy under $500?

Under $500 in 2024, there are some great choices! Look at the Google Pixel 7a for amazing cameras and clean software. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G offers a well-rounded package with a good camera, battery, and stylish design. If you need a powerful processor for gaming, consider the OnePlus Nord N30 5G with its 5G connectivity for under $300.

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