File a claim is very easy! Go to Warranty Life and follow the steps there. 

Phone Daddy's Extended Coverage+ Plan offers accidental damage and mechanical breakdown through Warranty Life. You can add the Extended Coverage+ Plan to selected products before checkout. 


Extended Coverage+ Plan features:

  • Covers accidental damage and mechanical breakdown including: screen cracks, water damage, touchscreen issues, battery issues, power surge, and mechanical failure, up to an year
  • $50 deductible
  • Coverage is provided up to the price paid for the product 
  • Accidents covered from Day 1
  • Coverage starts from the Date of Purchase
  • If the device cannot be repaired we will reimburse/replace


Phone Daddy 90-day Warranty & Extended Coverage+ Plan 

Phone Daddy 90-day Warranty

Extended Coverage+ Plan 
Water Damage N/A Covered from Date of Purchase
Drops & Accidents  N/A Covered from Date of Purchase 
Mechanical Failure Up to 90 Days  After 30-day wait period


What does the Accidental Damage part cover? 

Any accidental damage including water damage and drops would be covered under this program from the date of purchase.

What does a customer get from Warranty Life upon purchase? 

When a purchase is made, Warranty Life will send them a confirmation email on the shipment that their device is covered, when the start and end date are, and a link to a free Warranty Life account where they can view their product and make claims if required. Customers can choose to activate their account but it is not mandatory.

What happens if a customer wants to file a claim?

Simply file a claim here

What is the 30-day wait period?

The 30 day wait period is for mechanical issues only. If the device arrives and doesn’t work, or parts of it do not work within the first 30 days, Warranty Life will not take responsibility. However, Phone Daddy's 90-day warranty will cover mechanical issues for 90 days. 

What is the $50 Deductible? 

The $50 deductible is paid by the customer anytime there is a claim whether due to an accident or mechanical issues.

How much will the plan pay out?

The plan covers up to the amount the customer paid for the device. The $50 deductible does not apply towards the amount. For example, if you purchased a phone for $200, Warranty Life would cover the repair up to $200. 

How long does it take to get a claim approved?

If you have all your information ready on hand and respond quickly, the claim can be approved in one business day.