AS-IS Android F-Grade (Non-Functional)

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AS-IS Android F-Grade (Non-Functional)

DISCLAIMER: AS-IS Android F-grade devices are NON-FUNCTIONAL phones that you cannot activate and use like regular phones. These devices are sold AS-IS with NO WARRANTY and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please note that the images shown here are not of actual phones. Each phone has different cosmetic and functional issues, and the one you get may not look like these pictures.

AS-IS Android F-grade devices are non-functional phones that are sold for parts. These phones do not turn on, but they are perfect for components like displays, charging ports, memory chips, and more.

What to Expect from an AS-IS Android F-Grade Device

An AS-IS Android F-grade device can have any and all issues found in AS-IS Android E-grade devices with the addition of the following.

  • Blacklisted
  • No power
  • iCloud locked
  • MDM
  • Google & Samsung account locked
  • KNOX void


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