AS-IS Android E-Grade (Functional Issues)

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AS-IS Android E-Grade (Functional Issues)

DISCLAIMER: AS-IS Android E-grade devices are PARTIALLY functional phones with one or multiple malfunctions. These devices are sold AS-IS and FOR PARTS with NO WARRANTY and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please note that the images shown here are not of actual phones. Each phone has different cosmetic and functional issues, and the one you get may not look like these pictures.

AS-IS Android E-grade devices refer to partially working phones with one or multiple malfunctions. Most AS-IS Android E-grade devices power on but have software and/or hardware issues like proximity sensor failure or charging port damage. In some cases, AS-IS Android E-grade phones may be repairable or sold for parts.

What to Expect from an AS-IS Android E-Grade Device

The AS-IS Android E-grade device malfunctions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cracked front glass
  • Open screen
  • Software issues
  • Battery problems
  • LCD problems
  • Missing SIM tray
  • Charging port damage
  • Stuck stylus
  • SIM port damage
  • Broken back cover
  • Proximity sensor fail
  • ON/OFF issue
  • Cracked rear camera glass
  • Vibration fail
  • Cracked back glass
  • Face ID fail
  • Open back cover
  • Network MCK lock
  • Digitizer fail
  • Back camera fail
  • Microphone fail
  • Signal problems
  • Housing damage
  • Volume button fail


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