Will Samsung Ditch In-Box Accessories Like Apple?

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  • In 2020, Samsung decided to follow the footsteps of Apple and ditch its in-box accessories in upcoming Samsung models

  • Apple stopped including in-box accessories with iPhones following the iPhone 12 lineup

  • Samsung plans to slim down its retail packaging and ditch the earphones and charger plug with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup

Update: Samsung released the Galaxy S21 series in 2021, and the box doesn’t include a charger plug or earphones.

Before Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, rumors were circulating that the new iPhone models won’t come with a charger and AirPods. These rumors were confirmed when Apple released the iPhone 12 series in 2020. Now, we’re hearing similar rumors about Samsung following its rival in ditching the in-box accessories.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Rumors About Samsung Ditching the In-Box Accessories

When Apple announced that there would be no charger or AirPods with the upcoming iPhone models, Samsung’s social media team made fun of their rivals. This may have kept the age-old Android vs. iPhone debate going for a long time, but Samsung realized its competitor might be making a smart move.

According to a survey, 69.1% of people think Samsung will ditch the charger and other accessories in their packaging.

Samsung has decided to jump on the bandwagon in an almost ironic way. Now, rumors are all over the internet that the new Galaxy flagship won’t come with a charger or earphones in the box.

Why Isn’t Samsung Including Earphones and a Charger Plug in the Box?

The reason why there won’t be any earphones or a charger plug with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is simple: sustainability.

Electronic gadgets have the maximum impact on our environment. With millions of people using smartphones worldwide, this impact is only going to increase in the upcoming years, leading to tons of e-waste.

Samsung wants to reduce the impact of its products on the environment and minimize its carbon footprint. Therefore, Samsung decided to cut back from including a charger plug or earphones in the box for its upcoming models, starting from the Galaxy S21 series.

This initiative also supports and promotes better recycling habits by encouraging Android users to reduce, reuse, and recycle their old Samsung phones.

If you want to extend this initiative further, you can buy used Samsung phones instead of brand-new ones. Not only will you save money but also do the environment a favor by repurposing an old smartphone to extend its lifespan.

What Will Come in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Box?

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 box won’t contain any earphones or charger plug. So, what’s in the Galaxy S21 box?

All the upcoming Samsung smartphones, including Galaxy S21, will have two items in the box:

1. The Samsung Smartphone

2. USB Type-C Data Cable

Existing Android users can use their old charger plug to connect the USB Type-C data cable. However, new users will need to buy a separate Samsung charger plug to attach the USB cable.


Samsung is moving towards providing eco-friendly solutions to its customers. This tech giant has been making various eco-conscious decisions to achieve this goal, and ditching the in-box accessories is one of those decisions. Chances are, Samsung will continue down this road in the upcoming flagships, too.

So, if you’re a new user, you may have to buy a separate charger plug for Samsung. Thankfully, Phone Daddy offers Android accessories at affordable rates. Please check out our collection, and you’ll find an accessory matching your Samsung model.

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