Transform How You Travel with the Apple iPad Pro

  • The world is a global village, and travel and tourism have flourished significantly over the years
  • You can elevate your travels with the help of technology and gadgets, like the iPad Pro
  • From capturing and uploading stunning pictures to getting work done on holiday, an iPad makes life easier for travelers

In the last few years, the concept of vacation has significantly changed, and the pandemic has given a 360-degree turn to how we work. Thanks to remote working, workations are the new normal, and they are becoming increasingly popular in the US and Europe. The concept of a workation blends working with leisure time which may seem contradictory but isn’t.

Why not work from a breathtaking place when you can work from anywhere? As long as you have a functional iPad or tablet and internet access, you’re good to go.

Do you want to know how to make the most of your iPad Pro 11-inch on your travels? This guide sheds light on everything that you can do with your new or used iPad Pro 11-inch.

Explore and Plan Your Trip

Going on a workation doesn’t mean sitting in a cozy spot with a pleasing view and staring at your iPad’s screen. A workation is literally a combination of work and vacation, so you have to strike a balance between both by planning your trip.

You can use your iPad Pro to explore apps and websites to find the best tourist spots, food places, and worth-looking sights. The Apple Pencil can be very helpful while planning your trip because you can use it to create markups and take notes on PDFs, images, and web pages. Using Apple and Google Maps on your iPad Pro, you can see street and satellite views of different places before visiting.

Get Work Done

Once you’ve planned your trip, it’s time to turn your iPad on and get in work mode. After all, you’re on a workation. When it comes to productivity, iPads are the real deal. Whether new, old, used, or refurbished, iPads will help you get work done.

You can use your iPad to surf the web, research new ideas, answer emails, and stay in contact with the office. While you may not be able to carry out heavy programming or 3D modeling on an iPad Pro, you can do pretty much everything else related to your work as long as you have working internet.

Scan Documents

When you travel abroad, it comes with a lot of paperwork, official documents, and receipts. It can be hard to keep piles of documents with your while traveling, so it’s best to convert them into digital copies. And refurbished iPads are great at scanning documents.

Having scanned digital copies of all your important documents can give you peace of mind in case you lose something or forget it where you’re staying. Using your iPad’s camera in the Files app, you can convert all your important documents into PDFs.

Entertainment on Land, Air, and Sea

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be binging a Netflix series on your workation, and an iPad is great for that. Whether you’re a thousand feet in the air or hundreds of nautical miles down the sea, you can turn your iPad on, plug your AirPods in, and tune the outside world out.

Having an iPad with your favorite content makes your travel time more fun. You can watch the latest episode of your favorite TV series (you wouldn’t want to miss The House of Dragons’ recent episode whether you’re on land or sea) or walk down memory lane with a comfort film of your choice on your Apple iPad Pro.

Just make sure your iPad settings for travel comply with the airline requirements.

Capture Your Thoughts and Ideas

Travel time gives you enough moments to reflect on your life, and that sometimes leads to incredible thoughts and ideas you want to write down. When you’re out and about, you may see something new, explore a different area, or visit a cultural site. Any of these things can strike your inspiration for a new blog post, video script, or just a general life lesson.

If you have your iPad with you, you can scribble down anything you want in the Notes app. Later, you can polish the raw thoughts into something presentable. 

Edit and Upload Photos

Whether it’s a vacation or workation, it is incomplete without digital proof, aka selfies. New, used, and refurbished iPads all work great when it comes to editing and uploading your photos from a trip. You can also capture photos using an iPad, but it’s more convenient through an iPhone. You can send them to your iPad using AirDrop to edit them before uploading them on social media.

If you don’t want your iPad running slow and want to free up some disk space, it’s best to upload your workation photos on iCloud or social media whenever you have internet access and delete them from the iPad.

Final Thoughts

Having an iPad helps you stay organized when you’re traveling. You can keep all your important documents on iCloud, so you don’t lose anything essential. Besides, working from a remote location becomes more manageable with an iPad Pro. You can answer emails, attend meetings on video calls, and stay in touch with whatever’s going on in the office through the internet.

The iPad Pro 11 inch, used or new, can add value to your life and make traveling easier than you can imagine. You don’t need to have a brand-new iPad to get maximum benefits from it. There are many refurbished and used iPads for sale online and in stores. You just need to find a reliable retailer, like Phone Daddy, and grab an incredibly affordable deal on Apple iPad Pro.

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