To Spend or Not to Spend: 10 Holiday Shopping & Budget Tips

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What do back-to-school sales, Amazon Prime day sales, Halloween sales, and Black Friday sales have in common? A penniless you. All these sale days continue till New Year and continue to lure you into buying too many things for you and your loved ones. You forget about budgeting when you get wrapped up in excessive and impulsive shopping. As a result, you end up going way over your budget, and it takes months to recover your financial situation.

Phone Daddy brings you 10 practical tips this holiday season to help you save money without cheaping out. You can buy the perfect gift at the right price if you make and stick to a Holiday budget.

Top 10 Holiday Budgeting Tips to Save Money


  • The holiday season is all about tempting sales on almost everything but sticking to a budget is essential to stay out of debt
  • Despite the recent inflationary challenges, holiday retail sales are expected to reach $960.4 billion this year during November and December
  • Buying nice things for your friends and family is a wholesome practice, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of your bankruptcy

    Set holiday spending limits to prevent going into debt with these super-practical and functional budgeting tips.

    1. Value Your Relationships

    They say relationships cannot be quantified. But when it comes to holiday expenses, they can be. You cannot buy gifts in the same price range for everyone in your family, extended family, and acquaintances.

    To keep your holiday budget on track, you must assess your level of closeness with people and spend accordingly on their gifts.

    2. Make Your Own ‘Naughty or Nice’ List

    How many people are you shopping for this year? When shopping for gifts during the holiday season, remember that you’re not Santa Claus. While Father Christmas has to buy a Ho, Ho, whole lot of gifts, you don’t.

    Take out the notepad on your iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked and make your own Naughty or Nice list. You need to cut it down if you have more than five people other than your immediate family on your holiday gifts list.

    3. Consider Making Gifts

    Handmade presents are the most personal, memorable, and economical gifts of all. While homemade gifts aren’t suitable for everyone on your list, they do work for some. For instance, you can create a cute handmade photo frame with your kid’s photos for the grandparents. You need to identify the recipients of your handmade gifts timely to avoid getting double gifts.

    4. Price Check with Your Phone

    The tiny rectangular brick of magic you hold in your hand is good for a lot of things except watching TikTok videos. If you have found the perfect gift for your spouse or kid, chances are you won’t stop thinking about it until you buy it. So, to avoid blowing your holiday budget, use your Google Pixel 6 pro to do a quick search around the web. Many online stores offer price-match policies so that you can find better and cheaper deals on your phone.

    5. Buy Last Year’s Electronics

    With tech companies releasing new models of electronic items every other day, it’s hard to keep up. While the more recent models are always super-expensive, slightly older models can help you save big without compromising much on features. So, you can get last year’s smartphone for someone who isn’t too obsessed with the latest models.

    Plus, another surefire way to save money is to find used iPhones for sale. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and they’re not wrong. Nowadays, people dump their older phones as soon as the new one comes out. It means the model they discard isn’t older than a year or so.

    6. Save Up For Expensive Presents

    If you like buying expensive presents for someone special in your life, put money aside throughout the year to prevent depleting your accounts. By saving a small amount throughout the year, you’ll have plenty of money during the holidays to buy big-ticket items without going into debt.

    7. Be Proactive

    If you leave gift shopping till the last minute, no one can save you from overspending. Buying presents for everyone on your list in a single run in the last hour is super stressful. You cannot think straight, and there’s absolutely no time for calculations. Result? You go way over budget, and the gifts may not be that good, either.

    8. Gift Time Instead of Items

    Sure, physical presents are great, but if you live away from your family, they love spending time with you more than getting gifts. So, instead of wishing them a happy holiday on a video call on your used Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, consider visiting them. If it’s just your parents, take a bottle of wine with you and have a festive dinner with them. You can bring young kids candy or chocolates, and they’ll be happy.

    9. Track Your Spending

    If you want to spend wisely during the holiday season, you should keep track of your expenses. Bring your budget sheet and your gift list whenever you go shopping. Plus, review your account statements regularly, especially after returning from a shopping trip. If you go on holiday-related outings, you should also include their cost in your holiday budget.

    10. Avoid Shopping Sprees

    Every store is set to entice customers to buy with lucrative discounts, strategic display placements, and bright lighting. All these factors trigger impulse purchases, throwing you off your holiday budget.

    You should always take your shopping list with you to counteract this phenomenon. Whenever you feel like making an off-list purchase, leave the store. Another great way to prevent overspending is by buying your gifts online. This way, you have more time to make a decision, and you can compare prices across different sites to get the best deals.

    Final Thoughts

    Holidays are exciting times for everyone except the financially struggling ones. Not everyone has the same financial situation to buy fancy presents for everyone on their gift list. By budgeting and smart spending, you can get practical and memorable gifts without going into debt.

    If you’re looking for affordable used smartphones for sale, Phone Daddy has a wide variety of used iPhones and Android devices. You can buy the latest models at highly reasonable rates. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today and get one gift off your holiday gift list.

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