iPhone 13 Pro Max Unlocked: Elevate Your Vlogging Game

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  • Besides helpful content, you need proper videography gear to earn big bucks through vlogging
  • Camera equipment for vlogging can be expensive, and not everyone can afford it, especially at the beginner level
  • You can start vlogging with iPhone and make a successful career out of it

Vlogging is the most popular career path for Gen Z. Since people in recent times consume video content more than any other content form, it is a reasonable practice to make content in video form. But to start a career as a vlogger, you don’t need professional equipment, like an expensive camera, tripod, and other trinkets. If you have a smartphone with a high-quality camera, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can start vlogging with the click of a button (given that you have talent and ideas about content).

Before we dive deeper into how iPhone 13 Pro Max can help your vlogging career, let’s understand what vlogging actually is and the factors to consider when buying a phone for vlogging.

What Is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a blend of two words: video and blogging. In simple terms, it’s a blog in video format. So, when you vlog, you’re producing content about a particular topic and publishing it as a video.

Most vloggers use YouTube as their primary platform for publishing video content. However, it isn’t the only platform, and many content creators cross-pollinate their content by publishing it across different platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Recently, video content creators have also started using TikTok and LinkedIn for posting videos.

If you’re a TikToker, check out our best phones to make TikTok videos in 2022.

Can You Use Your Phone To Vlog?

While vlogging was initially done through professional cameras, nowadays, smartphones come equipped with high-quality camera features. It means you can record a high-quality video right from your iPhone or Android device and upload it on your channel.

Plus, buying expensive equipment and high-tech cameras isn’t the most feasible option for beginner vloggers. Instead, buying a used iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked can be an excellent way to start your vlogging career on a budget.

Using a phone to vlog makes it easier to upload your videos and follow up with comments and interactions afterward. Plus, it is a safe way to start a channel. If your career doesn’t take flight, you won’t regret spending a lot of money buying videography gear.

What to Look Out For In a Phone for Vlogging

If you are thinking about buying a new or used phone for vlogging, you should know the factors to consider before making a purchase.

Some of the factors to look out for in a vlogging phone are as follows:

Camera Quality

The first thing you need to look for in a smartphone for vlogging is its camera quality. Since you’ll be filming on it, you need a phone that produces high-quality videos and photos. Recent iPhone models come with higher megapixels and video resolution. Plus, they also have other features, like ProRes, low-light photography, and more.

Speaker and Microphone

If you speak in your vlogs, you need a smartphone that doesn’t ruin your audio with external sound. For that, a good microphone and speakers are essential. Your videos sound more professional if they contain audio recorded on a high-quality microphone.

Similarly, having good speakers help you listen to your own video sound before uploading. They are essential to detect the audio quality of your video before posting.

Storage Capacity

This is a given. When you record videos on your phone, they take up a lot of space. So, your smartphone should have enough storage space to store your content during the editing process. Most recent iPhone models come with up to 1 TB storage capacity – perfect for a vlogger.

Battery Life

Creating content is a full-time job. You have to set the mood for every video, which takes a lot of time. So, when you finally sit down to record, you’re in the zone and want to dive right into making a vlog. But if your phone decides to die at that time, it’s the most unpleasant experience.

To avoid running to plug your phone for charging in the middle of making a vlog, you need to invest in a smartphone with excellent battery life.

How the iPhone 13 Pro Max Helps Vloggers

The iPhone 13 Pro Max checks all the boxes for one of the best smartphones for vlogging. It features a large screen, improved low-light photography, cinematic mode, ProRes, and much more. Using an iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can create professional-looking vlogs for your channel.

1. 4k Resolution Videos

Your iPhone 13 Pro Max can boost the quality of your videos as it supports 4k resolution videos. When you record videos in 4k resolution, you’ll be able to capture vivid details and better footage.

To switch to 4k resolution, go to the Camera option in your Settings app. In the Camera, tap on the Record Video option and choose 4k resolution.

2. 24 Frames per Second Shots

An iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked offers 4K video recording at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps. We recommend shooting vlogs at 24 fps, as this frame rate offers more cinematic value to your footage.

3. HDR Video

Both new and used iPhone 13 Pro Max allow capturing videos in High Dynamic Range (HDR). While Apple introduced this feature as a professional addition to the iPhone camera, it complicates video editing. With this feature turned on, you may find skin tones looking unnatural, so it’s better to turn off HDR video.

You can turn HDR video off in the Record Video section in Settings to make it compatible with more editing software.

4. Grid Display

Grid display also helps capture videos without tilting them to the wrong angle. With its rule of thirds overlay, a grid display helps center a subject. It also frames a person’s eyes and acts as a creative framing guide.

You can turn the grid display on in your iPhone 13 Pro Max in Settings. Go to the Camera section and turn Grid ON.

5. ProRes Video

The best video-recording feature in a refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max is the ProRes video. It is one of the best iOS 16 features that act as a total game-changer for vloggers. It lets you capture, edit, and share professional-quality videos on your YouTube channel.

The ProRes codec is usually used for TV broadcasts, feature films, and commercials. So, you can imagine the type of content you’ll be creating by enabling this feature right from your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Final Thoughts

Vlogging is fun, and you can create a fun-filled career through your vlogs if you have the right equipment. By right equipment, we don’t mean a high-tech camera and other shenanigans that come with it. If you’re a beginner vlogger, look for a new or used iPhone 13 Pro Max for sale, and you can kick-start your vlogging career.

If you want to get used or refurbished iPhones, Phone Daddy has a wide variety of smartphones available at reasonable prices. So, don’t waste time and start browsing.




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Bravo, your idea is useful

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