iPhone 12 Pro Colors: Which One Should You Buy?

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Buying a new phone is exciting. You get to enjoy advanced software, new features, and an up-to-date interface. But two things excite most people when purchasing a new phone, especially an iPhone. The first is the camera specs, and the second is the phone’s color. Apple has been introducing fun colors in different models to keep different series trending. One such iPhone model is the 12 Pro, with 4 lovely colors. This top-of-the-line device has a new color addition to the classic iPhone colors. It replaced the Midnight Green of the iPhone 11 Pro series and is bound to turn heads.

In this article, we have reviewed all four colors of the iPhone 12 Pro to help you decide which one you want. So, continue reading to choose your favorite one.

iPhone 12 Pro Colors

One of the most noticeable differences between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 12 Pro is their colors. Like the iPhone 12 Pro Max unlocked, the iPhone 12 Pro also comes in four classic colors, including:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Graphite
  • Pacific Blue

Now, let’s discuss each color in detail:

Silver iPhone 12 Pro – The Iconic Option

If you are looking for a traditional option and want to conform to the classic iPhone style, silver is the color for you.

Silver color has been as iconic as graphite, and it has been a popular choice among users for many years. Being true to its essence, the silver color stands out and looks trendy with almost anything. The color is bright and pure, which makes its mark subtly.

A silver iPhone 12 Pro has a white backside that genuinely transforms the definition of modern and minimalistic. When you look at a silver iPhone 12 Pro, you will be reminded of an Apple store because they both resemble in terms of the clean and cutting-edge look.

Compared to the graphite color, the silver color adds a little more oomph to the iPhone 12 Pro. It has that additional wow factor lacked by the graphite color. Besides, you can use funky iPhone 12 Pro cases if you want the phone to stand out further.

Gold iPhone 12 Pro – A Bolder Choice

Add a little bling to your life by investing in a gold iPhone 12 Pro that balances boldness with sophistication perfectly.

While the bold and brassy gold has been a user favorite for a long time, the iPhone 12 Pro’s gold is slightly lighter than previous models. The lighter finish gives it a relatively modern and more elegant look.

Gold is the color if you want to flaunt your latest Apple gadget. It is bold, flashy, and a bit of a show-off. However, don’t consider it to be tacky or tasteless. Think of it like a thin gold chain that is enough to turn a few heads with its glint but does not let people question your taste.

The gold iPhone 12 Pro is perfect for those who are not afraid to show off their gadgets without going over the top. It is just the right amount of gold that remains subtle but obvious enough to make people notice its presence.

Graphite iPhone 12 Pro – A Darker Choice

When in confusion, go dark. A darker shade, like graphite, is rarely the wrong choice for an iPhone 12 Pro.

Although graphite may not be the flashiest or the most iconic of the iPhone colors, it is a safe choice. The graphite hue is a timeless choice that has stood the test of time. If you cannot decide on a color, you can always choose the graphite one because it is an elegant choice.

A graphite iPhone 12 Pro is the epitome of traditional elegance and timeless modesty. This color is the right choice for those who wish to remain low-key with their gadgets and not make a statement immediately. It will not stand out instantly with its glinting or clean look.

Besides being a low-key color, graphite is also a favorite among the classic dark-color-lovers. Some people do not prefer bold and bright colors, and this color is ideally in line with their choices. They can remain in their element with a graphite iPhone 12 Pro and still enjoy all the best features.

Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro – The All-New Addition

Embrace the newness that Apple offers with an all-new pacific blue color for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple is not very fond of releasing new colors, but it has been introducing some really great colors like the pacific blue with the latest models. It is a dark and distinctive color that envelopes the iPhone in a sheet of modernity without being too obvious. This color is perfect for those who want to try out something new for their iPhones and are tired of the same old colors.

Like the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has also introduced some one-of-a-kind colors for iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked. You get the calming sierra blue and the recently launched, all-new, sophisticated alpine green for the iPhone 13 lineup. So, like its several other features, the iPhone 13 series is also the most advanced in terms of colors.

The Bottom Line

All four colors of the iPhone 12 series are excellent for different types of users. If you are a classic lover, you should choose the iconic Apple silver. However, if you want your iPhone 12 Pro to stand out, you should go with the gold color. For the low-key user, graphite is the right option, and the ones who like to stay up-to-date should choose the all-new pacific blue color.

While these are some suggestions, labeling one color as the best one is not possible because the choice is objective. Everyone has a different opinion about colors, and people like purchasing their iPhone 12 Pro in the color they like. So, none of these colors is the best or worst, and it is entirely up to the user to purchase according to their personality because ultimately, they are the ones to use it.

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