iOS 16.1 Features: Everything New in iOS 16.1

  • Apple unveiled iOS 16 on June 6 at WWDC 2022, and the iOS 16.1 beta was announced in September 2022
  • After testing the beta version for over a month, Apple finally released iOS 16.1 to the public on October 24
  • The new iOS version adds new features, tweaks existing ones, and fixes reported bugs

Everything Included in iOS 16.1 Update

Apple has released the iOS 16.1 update for the public, and everyone having a compatible device can update their iPhone. While the latest models, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max unlocked, are compatible with the new iOS version, many older models can also run on the latest update. You should check if your iPhone is compatible with the new OS before installing it.

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After installing the latest iOS update on your iPhone, you’ll be able to access the following features.

1. iCloud Shared Photo Library 🖼️

The iCloud Shared Photo Library was announced with the iOS 16 update, but its launch was delayed due to some bugs. It is included in the new iOS 16.1 update after getting rid of the bugs.

This shared photo library resides in iCloud, allowing a total of six people to share one Photo Library. Sharing a Photo Library makes distributing photos and videos among friends and family easier.

All members of the Shared Photo Library can add, edit, delete, favorite, and caption photos. They can upload photos to the Shared Library directly from the camera. Plus, every user can have one shared and one personal library and use different tools to switch between the two.

2. Live Activities 📡

Dynamic Island and Lock Screen feature Live Activities is finally available in iOS 16.1. Live Activities are an advanced type of notification, allowing you to follow along with something in real-time. For instance, you can follow a sports game, an approaching Uber ride, or a flight.

3. Multiple Wallet Upgrades 👜

The Wallet app has got significant updates, and the following are the most promising ones:

  • Delete Wallet App ❌

  • One of the most awaited features in iOS is the ability to delete the Wallet app. This feature isn't available in previous iOS versions, including iOS 16. Users were able to remove the app from the Home Screen but could not delete it completely, and it just sat there, consuming precious storage space.

    Thanks to iOS 16.1, users can now delete the Wallet app entirely from their iPhones. This is perfect for those who don’t use Apple Pay or other Wallet features. So, whether you have a used iPhone 12 Pro or an iPhone XS, now you’ll be able to get rid of the Wallet app for good.

  • Key Sharing 🔑

  • Digital key sharing also becomes available for the Wallet app in iOS 16.1 update. Now, users can share their car, office room, hotel room, or any other keys available in the Wallet app via Messages, Mail, or WhatsApp.

    4. Lock Screen/Home Screen Customization 📱

    iOS 16 brought significant updates to the iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen. Users are pretty ecstatic about the new customizable Lock Screen and the ability to add Apple Home widgets to your Lock Screen. But the iOS 16.1 update kicks things up a notch.

    When you tap on the Customize interface on the Lock Screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you’ll see an option to choose between the Lock Screen and the Home Screen. It means now you can customize both instead of just the Lock Screen.

    5. Apple Fitness+ on iPhone Without an Apple Watch ⌚

    Want to use Apple Fitness+ but don’t have an Apple Watch? No worries because iOS 16.1 has you covered. Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can now use Apple Fitness+ on your iPhone.

    If you don’t want to buy an Apple Watch, that’s alright because you can now watch workout videos and perform them using your iPhone. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access or track Apple Watch metrics on display.

    6. Clean Energy Charging ♻️

    The iOS 16.1 update is big on eco-friendliness. In the Battery section of the Settings app, you’ll find a toggle that can enable Clean Energy Charging. This type of charging will reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when lower carbon-emission electricity is available.

    When you update your iPhone to iOS 16.1, the Clean Energy Charging feature will be enabled by default. But you can toggle it off if desired.

    7. Updates in the Battery Percentage Icon 🔋

    When iOS 16 was released, it didn’t include the battery percentage in the battery icon in the status bar of many iPhone models. The iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR didn’t support this feature, but the iOS 16.1 update rectified this situation.

    Plus, iOS 16 only included battery percentage in the battery icon, and there was no visual charge indication. This made it a tad difficult to see if the battery was fully charged or draining. The iOS 16.1 update has resolved this problem. Now, the battery icon shifts as the battery goes down or is charged, making it easier to check the charge level at a glance.

    Final Thoughts

    iOS 16 was a major software update from Apple after a long time, and it included a number of awesome features. However, it wasn’t without its flaws, and Apple sent iOS 16.1 to the rescue. Apple has tried to remove any deficiencies in the previous iOS version with the latest iOS update.

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