How to Reset Your Apple ID Password

  • Forgetting your Apple ID or password can be frustrating because those details protect all your data
  • If you don’t remember the password to your Apple ID account, you can lose access to your data
  • There are a few ways to reset your password if you forgot your Apple ID and lost access to your data

Those with an Apple device, be it a new or used iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac, know the importance of their Apple ID. All the Apple services are connected to your Apple ID, and you need it for accessing services like the iCloud and App Store. You need your Apple ID and password to make App Store purchases, locate a lost Apple device, access iCloud content, and more. So, a strong password is essential to keep your activities protected.

While having a strong password to protect your online activities is essential, it also has drawbacks. One of the most significant disadvantages of a complicated Apple ID password is that you may forget it. As a result, you’ll be locked out of your Apple account unless you remember the password.

Unfortunately, sometimes our memory doesn’t serve us right, and we cannot recall the password no matter how hard we try. But don’t lose hope if you have forgotten your Apple ID or password. There are a few ways to restore your Apple ID password, and we’ve explained them below.

Reset Apple ID Password from Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

If you’re already logged in to your Apple ID from another Apple device, it is a piece of cake to reset your password for Apple ID.

To reset your Apple ID password on an iPhone or iPad, please follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on your name and profile picture at the top.
  • Go to Password & Security and click Change Password.
  • It will ask you to enter your passcode and then enter a new password for your Apple ID. (this option is only available if you have a passcode set up for your Apple device.)

Resetting your Apple ID password is pretty similar on a Mac. You need to follow these steps to reset your Apple ID password on a Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Tap on Apple ID.
  • Go to Password & Security.
  • Select Change Password and enter your Mac’s password.

Reset Your Password with another Apple Device

If you’re not too lucky to have an old, used iPhone XR or iPad Air logged in to your Apple ID, don’t lose hope. You can still reset your password if you can access a friend or family member’s iPhone or iPad. You can also reset your Apple ID password if you have access to an Apple Store. You can use the Apple Support app to reset your password if you have access to any of these two options.

  • Open the App Store to download the Apple Support app.
  • When you open the app, you’ll see the details of the Apple device you’re using.
  • Tap the Passwords and Security button.
  • Select Reset Apple ID password and click Get Started.
  • Tap on A different Apple ID.
  • Click Continue and enter your Apple ID.

After this, it depends on how you have configured your Apple account and which devices are connected to it. For instance, you may get a text on your phone number, including a code from Apple. Then, you’ll need to enter a passcode you use on one of your Apple devices.

When you complete these steps, you’ll be prompted to enter a new password for your Apple ID. However, the app will direct you to the account recovery system if you cannot complete these steps.

What If You’re Unable to Access an Apple Device?

If you don’t have access to any Apple Device and forgot your Apple ID, it will be frustrating. But it’s not impossible to reset your Apple ID password without an Apple device.

You must go through the account recovery process to reset your Apple ID password if you don’t have it logged in to an Apple device.

According to Apple’s account recovery support document, resetting the account details for your Apple ID can take several days or longer. Apple follows this protocol to give users time to cancel if a request was made by someone else or by accident. This keeps user data protected, and Apple has enough time to verify that it is you trying to reset your account details.

You can follow these steps to reset your Apple ID password through the Apple Support app:

  • Go to and enter your Apple ID.
  • Confirm your phone number if asked.
  • You’ll see multiple options depending on your account settings. All these options will require you to have access to a logged-in device or an iPad, or an iPhone. For instance, you may be asked to tap a notification on your Apple device.
  • If these options don’t work for you, tap on the Can’t use any of these options? Then, you can start the account recovery process.
  • Apple will ask you to provide a verification number sent to you via email or text. After you provide that number, you’ll have to wait till Apple completes its verification process.

Final Thoughts

After you complete the process to reset your password for Apple ID, you’ll be able to access your account immediately or wait till you receive an update from Apple via text, email, or call. Whatever you have to do depends on the method you choose for resetting the password.

Apple discloses serious security vulnerabilities for its devices if they ever come to notice. So, it is a good idea to update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac whenever a new update is made available. For this, you need your Apple ID and password, so it is essential to remember these details and keep them in an accessible yet safe place, like a password manager.

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