How to Install Threads on iPhone

How to Install Threads on iPhone

  • Threads, a text-based social media app by Instagram, is similar to Twitter and allows for creation of threads with up to 500 characters, adding photos, videos, and links.
  • To install Threads on an iPhone, download from the App Store, link to Instagram, set profile and privacy settings, import follows, agree to terms, and join.
  • Threads runs on all iPhones compatible with iOS 14.0 or later.
If you’re not someone living under a rock, you must’ve heard about Threads, Instagram’s text-based conversation app, or in other words, Twitter’s rival app. The Threads application has become a social media sensation, amassing over 100 million new subscribers within its initial week.

But what is Threads exactly? How does Threads work? And more importantly, can you download Threads on your iPhone?

In this article, we’ll share everything we know about Threads and how you can use this latest social media app like a pro. With the increasing popularity of Threads among iPhone users, we aim to assist you in setting up this app on your device seamlessly. Let's dive in!

What Is Threads?

Instagram introduced Threads, a text-based conversation app, to the world on July 5, 2023.

At a glance, Threads bears similarities to Twitter, providing a feed of text-based posts to keep users updated with current events and initiate their own discussions.

Upon joining Threads, your feed will include accounts you follow, accompanied by suggested content from creators, curated by the Threads algorithm based on your preferences.

Threads is an effective communication tool for engaging with your network and the global community, with the capability to create threads of up to 500 characters, add photos, videos, and links.

The name "Threads" might ring a bell, and that's because Instagram had previously released a product called Threads in 2019, which served as a "camera-first messaging app that helps you stay connected to your close friends." However, the 2019 Threads app is no longer available, and the 2023 version of Threads is an entirely revamped and evolved replacement for this previous product.

How to Install Instagram Threads on iPhone in 7 steps

Since Threads belongs to the Meta family of social media networks, the sign-up process is incredibly smooth and can be completed in just seven simple steps.

1. Download the App: Go to the Apple App Store and search for Threads, an Instagram app. Download and install the app, as it is entirely free to use.

2. Create Your Account: As Threads is closely linked to your existing Instagram account, signing up is a breeze. Simply click your username at the bottom of the welcome screen, and there's no need to start from scratch.

Note: If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, you can link each to its own Threads account. Just click Switch Accounts at the bottom of the screen to toggle between them.

3. Fill Your Profile Details: On the Profile screen, you can enter new details or import your existing Instagram bio.

4. Choose Your Privacy Settings: When it comes to privacy, Threads offers two options to select from:

a. Public Profile: This allows anyone, whether on Threads or not, to see, share, and interact with your content.

b. Private Profile: With this setting, only your approved followers can view and interact with your content.

5. Import the Accounts You Already Follow: Threads is intimately linked to Instagram, providing you the option to auto-follow the same accounts you currently follow on the platform. You can follow individual users or simply click Follow all to import your entire follower list.

6. Agree to the Terms of Use: On the final screen, you'll be asked to accept three pieces of information:

Instagram powers Threads and both apps' information will be utilized to personalize your ads.

a. Threads plans to collaborate with the fediverse, a group of interconnected servers used for web publishing. Further updates on this will be announced by Threads.

b. By joining Threads, you agree to Meta's Terms and Policies. You can click each link to review the policies before joining.

7. Join Threads: Once you've completed these steps, simply click Join Threads, and you're all set to explore and enjoy the app!

Which iPhones Are Supported for Threads?

The Threads app is available exclusively for iPhone devices, and it supports iOS 14.0 or later-compatible iPhones. The following iPhone models are officially supported for Threads:

Please note that at the moment, there is no official release of the Threads app for iPadOS. So, if you are interested in using Threads, you'll need to have one of the above-listed iPhone models running iOS 14.0 or later.

How Can I Follow a User on Threads?

Threads offers several ways for you to start following other users, enhancing your social networking experience. Here are three methods that are available:

  1. Utilizing the search bar: You can type the username of the person you wish to follow into the search bar at the top of your screen. Once their profile appears in the drop-down menu, you can simply select it and click the Follow button.
  2. Navigating to their profile: If you already know the user, you can go directly to their profile page. Here, you will find a Follow button, usually located near the user's profile picture and bio. Clicking this button will add their updates to your feed.
  3. Interacting with your feed: While scrolling through your feed, you might come across a post from someone you find interesting. If you want to follow this user, look for a black plus sign next to their icon. Clicking this sign will enable you to follow the user and receive their future posts in your feed.

Remember, following users on Threads helps you stay connected and updated with their activities and posts. It's a great way to tailor your Threads experience to your interests.

How Do I Manage What I See on Threads?

Threads provides several tools and options to have greater control over what content appears on your feed. By fine-tuning these settings, you can optimize your browsing experience to match your preferences. Here's how you can manage what you see on Threads:

  1. In the top-right corner of your profile page, find an icon represented by two parallel lines or double lines.
  2. Click the double lines icon to open a menu leading to your settings.
  3. From the menu, select Privacy. Here, you can adjust settings related to mentions (who can mention you in their posts), manage your muted and blocked accounts list, and control your profile's visibility.
  4. Another crucial feature available under the Privacy settings is the management of hidden words. This feature allows you to filter out specific words or phrases you do not wish to encounter on your feed. You can hide predefined offensive words and phrases or customize this by adding your own list of words. For instance, if you’re on a diet and don't want any mentions of 'burgers' tempting you, this is the spot where you can block that term from appearing in your feed!

Remember, managing your Threads settings provides you with a more personalized and comfortable experience. This way, you can spend your time on Threads engaging with the content that truly matters to you.

How Can I Delete My Threads Account?

Currently, Threads does not offer an option to directly and completely delete an account. However, there are a few steps you can take to make your account inactive or limit its visibility:

  1. Deactivate your account: By choosing to deactivate your Threads account, your content will become invisible to other users. This is not a permanent deletion as you can reactivate your account and your content will reappear simply by logging back in.
  2. Set your profile to private: If you're encountering an issue you believe is temporary, you can also make your profile private. This means only approved followers can see your posts and interact with you.

Adam Mosseri, in a recent interaction, shed light on the topic of account deletion versus deactivation on Threads. He explained that Threads operates based on Instagram, and as such, it presently uses a single account system. However, they are exploring options to facilitate separate deletion of Threads accounts.

Meanwhile, you can delete individual threads at any point. This means you can selectively remove specific content from your account without having to deactivate it entirely.

Threads vs. Twitter: How Do They Compare?

Threads and Twitter share similarities on the surface, both revolving around conversations where users engage with short text-based posts. However, it is the features that set them apart. While Twitter offers exclusive perks through its subscription service, Twitter Blue, Threads introduces several enticing features that are available to all users without additional costs.

Let's take a closer look at the distinctive features each app offers:




Maximum post length

500 characters

280 characters (except with Twitter Blue)

Ability to include links



Ability to add photos



Maximum video length

5 minutes

2m 20s* (except with Twitter Blue)

User verification option


No* (except with Twitter Blue)

Ability to delete posts



Ability to edit posts


No* (except with Twitter Blue)

Direct messaging feature



Trending stories feature



Use of hashtags



Limits on daily post reading



As you can see, Threads offers a unique set of features, including a longer post length, direct messaging absence, and trending stories. On the other hand, Twitter boasts its popular hashtag system, edit and verification limitations, and extended video duration for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Both platforms center around engaging conversations, but the features cater to different user preferences, making Threads and Twitter distinctive choices for various social media needs.

Start Using Threads on Your iPhone

Threads is an excellent messaging app for iPhone users seeking a more intimate and private way to communicate with their close friends. With its seamless integration with Instagram and user-friendly features, Threads offers a unique social networking experience.

So, why not give Threads a try today and connect with your inner circle like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What versions of iPhone OS support Threads?

Threads is supported by iOS 14 and later versions. Users should ensure they have the most up-to-date iOS version for optimal performance and the most recent features. Regular updates also provide important security improvements.

2. How to uninstall Threads from iPhone?

To uninstall Threads from your iPhone, locate the app on your Home screen, press and hold its icon until it jiggles. Then, tap the X that appears on the corner of the app icon. Confirm your decision in the popup.

3. Can I join Threads without an Instagram account?

No, you can't join Threads without an Instagram account. You can view a user's threads on the Threads website, but you’ll be prompted by a timeline limit to download the Threads app to see more. Therefore, an Instagram account is necessary.

4. Why does my Threads timeline include users I don’t follow?

Your Threads timeline includes users you don’t follow because it incorporates posts from suggested creators tailored to your likes and follows into your feed, along with posts from people you follow. Threads is continuously improving its personalized recommendations.

5. How can I update Threads on my iPhone?

To update Threads on your iPhone, open the App Store, find the Updates section, and look for Threads in the list. Click the Update button next to Threads to download the newest version.

6. How do I change who can reply to my Thread?

To change who can reply to your Thread, click the grey text on the bottom left that says Anyone can reply before tapping the Post button. Here, you can customize who can respond – anyone, people you follow, or only those mentioned in your post.

7. How do I delete a Thread after posting?

To delete a Thread after posting, go to your profile, select the Thread to delete, and hit the ... in the top right. Here you can alter reply permissions, hide likes, or completely remove the thread.

8. How do I hide the Threads badge on my Instagram profile?

To hide the Threads badge on your Instagram profile, go to your profile, tap the badge, and choose Hide badge.

9. Can I view my Threads from within the Instagram app?

No, you cannot view your Threads from within the Instagram app. As of now, Instagram Threads is a separate app. However, considering IGTV's transition from standalone to being incorporated into Instagram in 2021, it's plausible that Threads might be reintegrated into the main Instagram platform.

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