How to Improve Your Android’s Battery Life

  • While the latest Android smartphones consume a lot of energy, their batteries are built to provide robust performance
  • With time, Android phone batteries start deteriorating and don’t offer the same runtime as a new one
  • Although you cannot always keep an Android’s battery running like a brand-new one, you can extend its life span if you know how to improve Android battery life

The latest Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy A53, come packed with high-end features that are visible on big, bright screens. While you enjoy viewing content on bright screens, it sucks plenty of power from your device, draining it in no time.

A number of factors contribute to a quick-draining battery of an Android phone. Faster processors, brighter screens, thinner bodies, speedier internet connection, and excessive background software take a toll on your Android’s battery. To compensate for excessive usage, manufacturers are also incorporating bigger batteries in Android smartphones. But you should also be careful with your usage to squeeze the most juice out of your Android’s battery.

Below, we have shared a few Android battery saving tips to help you preserve your phone's battery life.

How to Extend Battery Life on Android Phones

If you have an Android smartphone with a battery-draining problem, here are a few Android phone battery saver tips to help you get the most out of a single charge.

1. Turn On Power Saving Mode

One of the simplest Android phone battery saving tips is to turn on the power-saving mode on your smartphone. If you’re going to be somewhere away from your charger or a power source, you need your smartphone’s battery to last longer. By switching into power saver mode, you can save precious juice because it automatically cuts back on functions that drain the battery.

To turn on the power saving mode, go to the Settings app on your Android. Scroll down to Battery and turn on the Power saving mode.

2. Make Airplane Mode Your Friend

Sometimes you may be doing nothing, but your phone’s battery will drain due to receiving and sending signals. So, if you don’t have to use your network data, it's best to turn on Airplane mode.

The quickest way to turn one Airplane mode on your Android device is by pulling down the notification menu. At the top, you’ll see an airplane icon. You can tap on it to turn Airplane mode on and off.

3. Your Screen Is Too Bright

You may want to lower your screen brightness if you’re wondering how to improve Android battery life. Bigger and brighter Android screens are the biggest battery hogs. While keeping the brightness to its fullest may be tempting, it’s not beneficial for your battery life as well as your eyes.

You can open the pull-down screen and slide the brightness bar left or right to decrease or increase your Android device’s brightness. Another way to reduce your device’s brightness is through the Display settings. When you open the Display settings, you’ll see a sliding bar you can use to turn down your screen’s brightness.

4. Turn Off Active Listening

Using a voice assistant like Google’s Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby means your Google or Samsung phone is constantly listening to you. Besides being creepy, it is also a major battery-draining factor. By turning active listening off, you can save plenty of extra juice on your Android device.

Most Android phones have the voice assistant embedded into the operating system. You can call up the feature by holding down the home screen button and clicking on the inbox icon. Tap on your profile picture and open Hey Google & Voice Match to disable it if it’s turned on.

5. Try Dark Mode

Dark mode not only feels comfortable to the eyes but also helps you save battery life if your device has an OLED or AMOLED display. While older Android models have LCD screens, flagship phones from Samsung and Google use OLED and AMOLED screens.

So, if you have a new or used Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Google Pixel 6 Pro, you can benefit from the dark mode.

To turn dark mode on or off, open the pull-down shade and click on Dark Mode. You can also open the Settings app and go to the Display section to turn the dark mode on or off.

6. Turn Off Apps Running In the Background

Even if you’re done using an app, it will continue to run in the background. This not only drain your battery but also use your phone data. Since there’s no practical benefit to keeping apps running in the background, it’s better to turn them off.

To put unused apps to sleep, go to Battery or App Power Management settings. There, select Background usage limits and enable Put unused apps to sleep. It will prevent your Android apps from wasting your phone’s battery.

7. Deactivate Unnecessary Automated Features

If you’re still wondering how to extend battery life on Android, we have another quick and easy tip for you: disable automated features.

  • The primary power guzzler on an Android phone is its screen. If your device’s screen brightness adjusts automatically, you should disable it and put it on lower brightness.
  • If you use the Google Assistant once in a blue moon, it is better to turn it off, and you’re your phone’s battery.
  • Keyboard sounds and vibrations also drain your Android phone’s battery, and they have no practical use. So, you better turn them off, too.
  • If you don’t keep your device on silent, you should also disable the vibration for incoming calls.

These are some Android battery saving tips, but if you have an iPhone, here are a few tips to preserve your iPhone’s battery life.

Final Thoughts

We have shared some practical Android phone battery saver tips to help you preserve your precious charging juice. These tips will surely help you learn how to improve Android battery life. Besides these tips, you should always use the power adapter that comes with your phone. Following these tips will help you significantly extend your Android device’s battery life, and you won’t need a replacement anytime soon.

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