Everything We Know About the All-New iPhone SE 2022

On March 8, 2022, Apple officially announced the release of a new special edition iPhone – Apple iPhone SE 2022.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the previous iPhone SE (2020), Apple decided to launch a new and improved iPhone SE in 2022. This powerful smartphone flaunts an iconic design with a cutting-edge processor. Everything is improved and better about this new model, featuring an A15 Bionic chip, a new camera system, 5G connectivity, and improved battery life. It also offers several advanced camera features like the Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion, and Photographic Styles. Despite providing such high-end performance and features, it remains an affordable iPhone starting at $429 (US). Within a few months, you will be able to get your hands on the used iPhone SE 2022 at further reduced prices, making it a steal.

In this article, we have shared everything we know about the all-new iPhone SE to let you know what you can expect before you buy iPhone SE 2022.

iPhone SE 2022: Overview

When you look for an affordable iPhone to purchase in 2022, you have two options:

  1. Look for used iPhones for sale
  2. Wait for Apple to release an affordable Special Edition iPhone

Apple has heard users’ pleas, as it recently announced the new iPhone SE 2022 to be available for pre-order from March 11, 2022.

The all-new iPhone SE is like an older iPhone for today’s generation. It means the handset pays homage to older iPhones because it has an iPhone 8-like design. However, it packs the latest A15 Bionic chip and runs iOS 15, making it the iPhone of today. So, you get a hint of old with new – the perfect recipe for an authentic iPhone experience.

Here is what’s good and what’s bad about the iPhone SE 2022:

The Good

  • Excellent build with IP67 water and dust resistance
  • Latest Bionic chip and iOS version
  • Excellent day-to-day performance
  • Improved battery life
  • Affordable price

The Bad

  • 4.7-inch small and cramped display
  • No night mode in the camera system
  • Only offers 64GB storage in the base model

The iPhone SE’s Home Button With Touch ID

Before you buy iPhone SE 2022, you should know it does not support Face ID. So, if you are a fan of Face Id, it may not be the right handset for you. However, if you love the older Touch ID like us, you will love using the iPhone SE 2022 with its Touch ID and Home button.

For those upgrading from an iPhone 6S, 7, or 8, this iPhone model will seem almost identical in terms of build and design. Like the older SE, you get large bezels below and above the screen. While its design may seem like the iPhone 8, the glass used on the front and back is the same as used in the iPhone 13.

Great Rear Camera and Average Selfie Camera

One of the most significant drawbacks of cheaper phones is their camera quality. If you look at some of the Best Budget Friendly Android Phones in 2022, they may have two or three average-quality cameras at the back. However, this isn’t the case with the iPhone SE 2022.

With an iPhone SE 2022, you get one rear camera with a 12 MP sensor, a wide-angle lens, and an f/1.8 aperture. While these camera features are identical to the iPhone 8 and the iPhone SE 2020 cameras, the iPhone SE 2022 has an edge. An A15 Bionic chip changes the entire experience of capturing photos and videos on this iPhone.

Besides, this iPhone also has a variety of new features, like Deep Fusion processing and Smart HDR for mid to low-light settings. You can also capture 4k video with 60 fps on an iPhone SE 2022.

As far as the low points of the camera system are concerned, the iPhone SE 2022 does not have a night mode. Moreover, the front-facing camera or the selfie cam of the iPhone SE is not that great as it is only 7 MP. Although it gets a boost from the A15 chip, the dynamic range still isn’t exceptional.

Longer Battery Life

As far as battery life is concerned, the iPhone SE 2022 packs a larger battery than the previous SE model. When you combine it with the A15 Bionic chip, iOS 15, and a new design, you get a longer battery life than the previous iPhone SE.

The new iPhone SE supports Qi-wireless charging. However, you won’t find it compatible with MagSafe charging or accessories. You can also fast charge it with the 20-watt wired fast charger, but the required power brick is not included in the box.

If you upgrade from the iPhone 6S, 7, or 8, having no charger block can be frustrating. You can use an older charger, but it won’t fast charge your iPhone SE 2022 in 30 minutes. Unless you buy the charger block from Apple or any other reliable store, you cannot use the Lightning to USB-C cable that comes with the phone.

An Affordable Way to Get Into Apple

You can buy iPhone SE 2022 if you are looking for an affordable way to enjoy an authentic Apple experience. An iPhone SE is probably your cheapest ticket if you want to get inside the Apple ecosystem. However, despite being low-cost, it does not compromise on essential features, like battery life, camera quality, and processor. So, all in all, you get a good iPhone at a reasonable price. 

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