AirTag for Android: How to Find AirTags With an Android

AirTag for Android: How to Find AirTags With an Android

AirTags are a valuable Apple product, and now it is possible to find your nearby AirTags with the help of a smartphone using an app from the Google Play Store.

In December 2021, Apple launched a brand new application, allowing Apple AirTags detection using Android smartphones. The application is called the Tracker Detect, available for download on Google Play Store. This application can help find AirTags along with several other trackers that have been separated from the owner. Moreover, it can also identify any trackers being used to track the Android user.

Apple had announced this application back in June 2021 but launched it by the end of the year. It was advertised as an application that helps prevent an AirTag from tracking Android users. The application detects an AirTag that is trying to track an Android user and provides the user with instructions for disabling the AirTag if needed.


Apple AirTags are the most useful and easy-to-use item trackers in the digital world. After connecting an AirTag with your iPhone, you can easily keep track of the tag. So, no matter where the tag goes, you can keep an eye on the valuables that the tag is attached to. You can use iPhone’s Find My app or Android’s Tracker Detect app to keep track of your valuable items. It means you can attach an AirTag to your car keys, luggage bags, wallets, purses, and other valuable items that you don’t want to lose.

It is no rocket science to use the iPhone Find My app to locate your AirTags. An AirTag will send a secure Bluetooth signal, and the nearby devices in your Find My network will detect the signal. After catching the signal, these devices will send your AirTag location to your iCloud. You can simply open the Find My app and see the item on your map.

While AirTags have proved beneficial for users, they have also posed a threat for Android users. Unfortunately, an AirTag can be used for inappropriate purposes, like tracking the user.

Keep reading to learn about how to find a lost Apple AirTag with the help of Tracker Detect.


The Tracker Detect application can be used for finding nearby AirTags. After installation on Android, this application allows the user to perform a manual scan to detect any items near them. If there are any AirTags in the surroundings, this app will detect them and inform the user. Moreover, the application also allows users to play a sound on the tracking device. Users can find out the item’s exact location by following the sound coming from it.

Besides locating lost AirTags, you can also use Tracker Detect to detect any trackers planted in your surroundings for malicious purposes.

The application claims that it can locate item trackers that owners may have lost if they are compatible with Apple Find My network. Similarly, it can also discover other trackers compatible with other companies. So, Android users can easily use this application to locate different types of trackers in their surroundings.

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Richard Davila

Richard Davila

Were do I put AirTag

Were do I put AirTag

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