Apple iPhone 14 Prices Expected to Increase by $100

  • Apple iPhone 14 release is expected in the Fall of 2022 [probably September]
  • The iPhone 14 series will be higher priced than its predecessors
  • The price of iPhone 14 entry-level model is expected to rise by $100

Ever since Apple hinted at releasing a new iPhone model, the rumor mill has been in full flow. Throughout the year, we’ve come across several iPhone 14 leaks and rumors, ranging from iPhone 14 design expectations to its price range. Some of these rumors have come from highly reliable sources, and others have been supported by reliable Apple spokespersons.

While most of the rumors have been pleasant, the latest one about Apple iPhone 14 price has left users slightly displeased. The news of an expected price hike in all iPhone 14 models isn’t the most delightful news for Apple users gearing up for an upgrade this year.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

How much will the iPhone 14 cost?

There is no official word from Apple about the iPhone 14 pricing. But reliable leakers and predictors have estimated the price of the iPhone 14 lineup. They analyzed Apple’s pricing history and quoted a number for the new iPhone series.

Apple has a history of sticking to a specific price point for a few years. This led the experts to believe that the new lineup would also adhere to the same pattern. Initially, various reliable sources believed the iPhone 14 price would be similar to its predecessor – the iPhone 13 lineup. According to initial reports, the iPhone 14 starting price will be $799 because there’s no mini model in this lineup.

However, these reports are a thing of the past now. As the iPhone 14 expected release date is nearing, new rumors are pouring in about how much the new iPhone costs to the consumer upon release. So, from the looks of it, by the iPhone 14 release date price may go up from the initially expected price.

Here’s what we know so far.

What’s the expected price hike in the iPhone 14 models?

Over the years, Apple prices have been increasing gradually with new models. Considering Apple’s pricing strategies, a slight increase in prices of the iPhone 14 models was expected. However, at first, the price hike was only expected for the Pro models, and entry-level models were expected to be available at the prices same as the iPhone 13.

Recently, new reports have come to light claiming the standard iPhone 14 models will also experience a price hike.

That brings us to the question: What will be the price of iPhone 14?

According to the new reports, users can expect a $100 increase in the iPhone 14 price. Below, we’ve shared a detailed price breakdown for all the iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14 Cost Breakdown

Please note that these are only Apple iPhone 14 rumored US pricing that our experts have suggested based on iPhone 13. This is not Apple’s official price chart, and after the iPhone 14 release date price may vary.

But roughly, the iPhone 14 prices may look like this:


128 GB

256 GB

512 GB

1 TB

iPhone 14





iPhone 14 Max





iPhone 14 Pro





iPhone 14 Pro Max





Why will there be a $100 price increase on iPhone 14?

There are a few reasons for the $100 price increase in iPhone 14.

  • First, prices have been increasing across the entire supply chain. Due to this, Cupertino has to pass the costs to the consumer on the iPhone 14 release.
  • Additionally, new features and an improved design may also be driving up the cost of production.
  • Finally, Apple is likely looking to offset some of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on its bottom line with this price hike.

All of these factors considered, it's not surprising that the iPhone 14 will cost $100 more than the previous generation. Apple is still expected to sell millions of units despite the higher price tag, but it remains to be seen how customers will react to the increased cost.

Will the iPhone 13 Pro Max price drop in 2022?

If you’re wondering what will the iPhone 13 Pro Max cost after the iPhone 14 release, you’re in for good news. Although we don’t have an exact figure from Apple yet, we know that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will get a massive price cut immediately after the iPhone 14 comes out.

However, you can always buy used iPhones if you don’t want to wait for the new iPhone to come out and the prices for previous models to go down. A used iPhone 13 Pro Max costs way less than a brand-new one and works just as fine.

Is iPhone 14 launch behind schedule?

There is no official word from Apple yet, but various reports suggest that the launch of the iPhone 14 could be delayed by a few weeks. This is due to production issues related to crucial iPhone 14 components and parts.

The launch of the iPhone 12 was already delayed by a few weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is possible that the iPhone 14 launch could be delayed by a similar amount of time.

However, another insider news suggests that Apple may overcome these roadblocks just in time to release the iPhone 14 on the rumored release date.

The Bottom Line

The entire iPhone 14 series is expected to cost $100 more than the iPhone 13 lineup. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest from Apple, the iPhone 14 is definitely worth the extra money. But if you’re happy with your current iPhone, you can wait for the next model with more noticeable improvements. Besides, if you want to be able to access the new iOS features, there are plenty of iOS 16 compatible devices that you can get from Phone Daddy at a relatively affordable price point.

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