10 Apple Watch Problems and How to Fix Them

10 Apple Watch Problems and How to Fix Them

The Apple Watch has become synonymous with wearable technology, making it one of the best gifts for tech lovers. It provides a wide range of functions, from fitness tracking to receiving messages. However, as with any technology, you may encounter issues. So, whether you have a new or used Apple Watch, you may find yourself trying to troubleshoot it at some point.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting common Apple Watch problems.

10 Apple Watch Problems and Their Solutions

Troubleshooting issues can be frustrating, but with a systematic approach, they become manageable. Here, we address several common Apple Watch problems and provide quick and easy solutions.

Problem #1: Apple Watch Not Turning On

If your Apple Watch doesn’t turn on or the screen doesn't switch on, the Watch's battery may be completely drained, or there could be a software issue.

To fix an Apple Watch not turning on, try force restarting it. Press and hold the side button and the Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds, then release both when the Apple logo appears.

If this doesn't work, try unpairing the Watch from your iPhone and pair again. This should resolve the issue in most cases. 

If it’s happening due to a charging problem, place the watch on the charger and wait for a few minutes. If it starts charging, leave it for up to an hour to gain a substantial charge.

However, if none of these solutions work, the display may be damaged and you might need to contact Apple for repair​.

Problem #2: Apple Watch Battery Draining

Apple Watch users often face the issue of battery draining faster than expected. This problem can be attributed to various factors, including software settings, hardware usage, and device aging.

Disabling Background App Refresh for Apple Watch apps can significantly improve battery life. It allows apps to refresh their content in the background, consuming additional power. By disabling it, you can conserve battery power.

Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6, have built-in software and hardware systems to reduce performance impacts in certain battery conditions. These features optimize performance when the battery is low, during high-power situations, or when the battery has aged chemically.

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The display is one of the significant power consumers on the Apple Watch. To conserve battery power, you can reduce the wake time or timeout duration of the display. By shortening the time it takes for the display to turn off after inactivity, you can save a substantial amount of battery life. You can also adjust screen brightness in the settings.

Problem #3: Apple Watch Not Receiving Any Notifications

If you're not receiving notifications, check if Do Not Disturb mode is on. If it is, swipe up on the watch's face and tap the Do Not Disturb button to turn it off.

If you're still not receiving notifications, try reconnecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone by ensuring Airplane Mode is off on your iPhone, then restarting both devices.

If you're receiving notifications for some apps but not others, you can head to the Watch app on your iPhone, select Notifications, scroll down to an app that isn't sending notifications, and tap it, then select Show Alerts​. This should fix the Apple Watch not receiving notifications issue.

Problem #4: Apple Watch Pairing Issues

If you're having trouble pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone, try manual pairing by tapping Pair Apple Watch Manually on the pairing screen and following the prompts. If this doesn't work, try rebooting both your iPhone and Apple Watch and attempt to pair them again.

Here’s how to pair an Apple Watch to an iPhone:

Make sure your devices are close together and within Wi-Fi range. If you're receiving an Unable to check for update error when pairing, try toggling your phone's Wi-Fi off and on, rebooting both devices, or even trying to pair an older Apple Watch with an older iPhone if you have access to one.

As a last resort, consider resetting your Apple Watch, but be sure to back up your data to your iCloud account before doing so​.

Problem #5: Apple Watch Not Charging

If your Apple Watch isn't charging, try checking if the magnetic charging cable is fully inserted into the adapter and charger and whether the plug is switched on at the wall. Also, clean the magnetic charger and the back of the Apple Watch, ensure the Watch is seated correctly on the charger, or try a different cable.

If your Watch still refuses to charge, try force restarting it as described in the first method. If your screen switches on but displays the charging cable with a dock dialog instead of booting normally, leave it on its charging cradle for a few days, discharge the watch completely, and charge it again, or try a different charger​.

Problem #6: Apple Watch Digital Crown Issues

The Digital Crown on the Apple Watch is an essential button that facilitates menu navigation. However, it is possible for dust and debris to accumulate within the mechanism, causing it to jam or prevent it from rotating properly.

In such cases, cleaning the Apple Watch thoroughly can help mitigate this problem and restore the functionality of the Digital Crown. To clean the Digital Crown, switch off the Apple Watch and remove the band to ensure easier access to the Digital Crown. Hold the Apple Watch under warm, running water for approximately 10-15 seconds. It is important to note that Apple does not recommend using soap or other cleaners during this process.

While rinsing the watch, continuously turn and press the Digital Crown to help dislodge any debris causing the issue. Next, dry the Apple Watch using a non-abrasive cloth. This should fix Apple Watch issues caused by the Digital Crown.

Problem #7: Apple Watch Ultra Jelly Scrolling

Apple announced the Apple Watch Ultra at its ‘FAR OUT’ Event in 2022. Despite being the latest Apple Watch, it isn’t without its issues.

Some Apple Watch Ultra users have reported an issue known as "jelly scrolling." It occurs when one half of a screen refreshes slower than the other, leading to a mismatched display that becomes particularly noticeable when scrolling, as it creates a wobble-like effect.

However, this seems to affect only a few users, and some claim it's not a big deal. The exact cause is unclear, but it might be related to the watch's large OLED display with a brightness of 2,000 Nits. Apple has yet to release an official statement about this issue​.

Problem #8: Green Tint After Update

Some users have noticed an unusual green tint on their watch display after updating to watchOS 9.5. The green tint is most noticeable when accessing certain UI elements, such as the passcode input screen, Control Center, and notifications.

This issue seems to be predominantly affecting Apple Watch Series 8 and older devices, with fewer complaints from Apple Watch Ultra and SE users. The problem is suspected to be related to the software update and might be fixable with a future update, though this is not yet confirmed​.

Problem #9: Comfortability Issue

The Apple Watch Ultra has a larger design compared to previous models, which offers a large display space for viewing notifications and other data. However, this larger size has caused some users to find the watch uncomfortable to wear while sleeping, despite its sleep-tracking features​.

Problem #10: Limited Action Button Functionality

The Action Button is a new feature exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra, which provides a quick launcher for certain functions. However, some users have expressed that they would like more flexibility with this button, such as the ability to assign it to open any app or tool directly from the settings menu rather than through a Shortcut​.

Final Thoughts

The inception of the Apple Watch in 2015 marked a new era in wearable technology. Since then, the Apple Watch has become a powerful device, but it isn’t without its challenges. This guide provides solutions to common problems, empowering you to make the most of your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple Watch not receiving notifications?

Your Apple Watch may not be receiving notifications due to a number of reasons. Check your notification settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch. Ensure that Mirror iPhone is enabled and the apps you want to receive notifications from are selected. Make sure the Do Not Disturb mode is deactivated. Lastly, ensure your iPhone is connected to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth or the same Wi-Fi network.

Can I use my Apple Watch without an iPhone?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch without an iPhone for features like tracking workouts, listening to music downloaded on the watch, and using Apple Pay. However, many Apple Watch features, including receiving notifications, downloading apps, and getting software updates, require an iPhone. You also need an iPhone to set up an Apple Watch initially.

What to do if the Digital Crown on my Apple Watch is not working?

If the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch is not working properly, it may be due to dirt or debris. Try rinsing the Apple Watch under warm tap water for 10 to 15 seconds. Remember not to use soap or any other cleaning products. After rinsing, turn and press the Digital Crown to clear out any remaining water. If you're still facing issues, it might be best to contact Apple Support.

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